20 Types of Freelance Writing Jobs That Pay Big

Find what 20 types of freelance writing jobs you can do that pay a lot of money and allow you to work at home.

Many times when someone asked me what I do, and I tell them I write online, they usually reply, “So you write on your blog?” They don’t realize that when I talk about only freelance writing jobs, I’m talking about more than just running my blog for fun. I don’t blame them since they really just do not know how big the online writing job market is.


If you think that becoming a freelance writer means trying to make money through your blog, and I’m here to clear up that myth. For many years I did not have a blog, and I received steady work without a website or social media platform.

Another common myth is that if you’re a good writer in one area, you’ll be a good writer in all areas. I am experienced and stronger in writing articles, but if you ask me to do copywriting or resume writing, you will be strongly disappointed.

Everyone Needs A Freelance Writer

I truly believe that every website and every company needs a strong writer behind it. We live in a very digital world, but words are still king. Words are how we find out about an item, or learn something new, or escape reality. The written word is behind everything– even your favorite YouTube videos.

20 Different Freelance Writing Jobs

There so many different areas of writing. Becoming an expert in one field can increase how much work and money you make. Here are several ideas to research further:

1. Script Writing
Even YouTube videos and commercials rely on script writing. Large websites who wish to expand its content into video will need freelance scriptwriters to help.

2. B2B Writing
This is business-to-business writing and tends to have quite a few rules and is less creative. You are writing for a business to sell to other businesses. For example, writing for GoDaddy.com.

3. B2C Writing
Business-to-consumer writing is a little more fun and creative. You are writing directly from the business to the consumer. This is the type of writing I often do. For example, when I write for Credit Sesame, I am producing content for their consumers.

4. Copywriting
Stores need someone to write unique and engaging blurbs for all of their products.

5. Social Media Writing
Many companies need individuals who can write engaging Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram blurbs and connect with followers.

6. Book Writing
This category of writing covers books that you write for your own pleasure, and it also includes ebooks written for websites and businesses. These are usually ghostwritten and allow the company to have something to give to consumers.

7. Newsletter Writer
Another type of writer is one that can write engaging newsletters and email headings. Many companies depend on their email list to boost sales and increase customer interaction.

8. Real Estate Writing
Real estate agents need runners for a few different things. For example, they need writers experienced in SEO to help potential clients find their site.  They also need writers to write engaging house listings that sell.

9. Curriculum Creator
If you are experienced as a teacher, then curriculum writing is a great way to make some extra money on the side. Many teachers and homeschooling parents need new and fun curriculum for a variety of subjects.

10. Grant Writing
Grant writing has a steep learning curve to it, but once you pick it up, your help will be valuable (and profitable) to non-profit organizations.

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11. Business Plan Writing
New businesses and start-ups are launching every day. Just because someone is great at business does not mean they are a great wordsmith.

12. Press Release Writing
Companies continually need talented press writers to turn out newsworthy content and to get it placed in media outlets.

13. Resume Writing
Help others land the job of their dream while making some cash on the side.

14. Technical Writing
Writing is not always fun and games. Some companies need serious writers for manual or how-to articles.

15. Legal Writing
Law firms produce a lot of paperwork, so the help of a writer who knows legal lingo will be a great asset to any law firm.

16. Speech Writing
Your mind might automatically flash to writing speeches for the president, but many company heads will also need help with speech writing.

17. Blog Writing
Blogs want writers who can be engaging and have success writing a viral-worthy post.

18. Long-form Articles
Some companies and sites require articles from 2,000 to 4,000 words. This is considered long-form and it can be tedious but profitable.

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19. News Writer
A news writer is required to write the daily happenings before everyone else. Writing in this field is fast-paced and requires tight writing.

20. Article Writer
Both magazines and websites alike depend on article writers to provide new and unique content.

There are many avenues for freelance writing jobs, it just comes down to what you are interested in and what you are experienced in. I encourage you to research further and narrow down your field of writing. For example, if you are interested in writing copy, then you can choose to pursue Etsy sellers or bigger websites or even stores that need catalog copy.


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