How This Work At Home Mom Made $6,782.70 in Side Hustles

January and February 2017 Income Reports

December was one of my higher earning months, and while I had planned to take the month off, I ended up squeezing in client projects amongst Christmas activities, family living with us for a week, and hosting Christmas breakfast for my family and dinner for my husband’s 30+ family members.

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I was burnout. I thought I gave myself enough time to recover, and then of course, my family was sick for a month and my babysitter was sick for the whole month. There was one week I did about $3,000 worth of freelance work and slept about 22 hours. Hello, burnout number two. I’m still recovering. I know, excuses, excuses! I always like to be real so that at least someone else feels like they are winning at life, haha!

Here are my combined income reports for January and February.  I am not thrilled with the totals, but I am still thankful for the opportunities God has given me.

Blogging – $2.92

I have officially made $2.92 from my blog through Google Adsense. I can now buy a tall green iced tea from Starbucks. Blogging is definitely not a get rich quick work at home job.

I have been focusing on learning more about creating a successful blog through Melyssa Griffin’s courses Pinfinite Growth and List Surge. I am also gearing up to take Ruth’s Elite Blog Academy. I’ve been signed up since pre-enrollment in December, so it has been hard to wait.

Freelance Writing – $5,755

Considering I did most of my work in that stress-packed week, I feel as if I have been failing these past two months. Honestly, that is how the cookie crumbles sometimes. Since I have been focusing on building up, I have to sacrifice time to do so. Plus, I am a part-time work at home mom and my priority is to stay at home with my littles 90% of the time.

You simply can’t do it all, and I would rather sacrifice some dollars than precious family time to build my blog.

Books – $856

The Christmas hype is over and my book sales have gone back to a steady normal. I spent about $10 on ads this month to see if it would boost my numbers. I still need to play with Amazon ads to find the perfect ad recipe for my books.

Also, my Kindle sales were lower than usual because I took my books out of the KENP program, which allows Kindle Unlimited members to read for free. Even though I make pennies per pages read, the KENP program adds up and boosts my book ranking. The breakdown for paperback versus Kindle sales are approximately:

  • $620 in paperback sales
  • $236 in Kindle sales

Etsy – $8.78

I started my Etsy shop as an experiment and have spent no time on it since I first opened it. Whoops! I will be closing it down soon.

Craigslist/eBay: $160

We sold an old tool chest and fire pit. We bought the tool chest for $80 and found the fire pit for free and have used them for ourselves. So, we actually double our investment.

Total of side hustles – $6,782.70 – I would say it was pretty evenly split between the two months.


  • Babysitter: $900 (though there were a few days I had to use my babysitting days for dentist appointments -I have Invisalign and go often- and for a parenting conference)
  • Mailchimp: $20
  • OptinMonster: $108 (yearly subscription)
  • HauteChocolate: $75
  • Melyssa’s Courses: $597

Total: $1,700

Don’t let this number scare you! Every year I try to invest in courses, books, and such to grow my income and to write off on taxes. Freelance taxes are a beast, which is why I try to write off the investments I made in my career training.

March Goals

My March goals are so big and hairy, but they are also exciting. Here they are –

  • Change all my opt-ins
  • Grow my blog to 200 visitors a day (currently at 70-80 per day) and my email list to 100 (currently at 49)
  • Finish my writing course
  • Finish another children’s book (the cover is done. I just need to do my part)
  • Sell $1,000 worth of stuff on eBay and Craigslist
  • Make $3,000 in freelance writing income (I better get my behind in gear!)

What are your goals this month?

Ashley Eneriz is a work at home mom of two little girls and a finance writer. She has a passion for writing children's books and teaching other moms how to make money at home.

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