How One Mom Works From Home as a Social Media Strategist

Social media used to be the platforms that you could rant about work and stalk your ex. Now, social media is what can make or break a business. Companies have no choice but to embrace social media if they want to remain successful.

Many remote workers have taken advantage of social media and have even created jobs in social media management. Mindi Rosser is a social media marketing consultant and rocks her job from home while taking care of her kids.

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Can you tell me more about how you got started and how you grew your business?

I got started as a social media marketing consultant when I was pregnant with my first child, three and a half years ago. I was working full-time at a San Francisco startup, and I knew it was time to make a change for my soon-to-be-born daughter. I moved to the San Bernardino mountains and quit my day job. They asked me to stay on as a social media consultant, which sparked my curiosity about how I might be able to do the exact same thing for other startups.

I found my next client on Upwork, and one opportunity led to another. Within less than 18 months, word of mouth took over, and I had a steady stream of clients. Doing great work is the best job security, especially for a freelance marketing consultant.

What tips would you give to other mamas who wanted to work from home?

1. If you are a knowledge worker, there are hundreds of remote opportunities available online.

Knowing where to look and how to vet opportunities is the key. Upwork is a great place to start, as you can take on small jobs to test out your skills in the marketplace, build good word of mouth quickly and establish confidence and credibility.

2. Join an online community (or multiple communities.)

I would highly recommend the Remotive community for any remote worker. They provide great resources and a supportive community of moms/dads who are pros at working from home.

3. Get help with the kids for a few hours per week (or more.)

My husband chose to be a stay-at-home dad, so I could focus on growing my business while the kids were young. Now that our youngest are 1 and 3-years-old, he is ready to go back to work. I plan to get a nanny to come to the home to watch our kids for a few hours during the week, so I can do my most important work without distraction.

How do you balance motherhood with working? Any great tips?

Balancing motherhood and working is a challenge, whether or not you work from home or go in to an office.

Tip #1 – Don’t be afraid to “call in sick” when you have sick children.

I always felt guilty about taking time off work when I began working remotely, but it will keep you sane after a long night of kids puking and babies with insomnia.

Tip #2 – Traditional time management advice may not work for you.

I’ve tried time blocking, getting up in the middle of the night for a few hours, starting my work day at 4 am and meticulously planning my days. Most of those strategies only work when you have complete control over your day. The key to time management is being flexible. You must be able to “turn it on” when the kids give you space or take naps. Do your best work then save the rote tasks for times when you know you will have distractions.

Tip #3- Take care of yourself, first and foremost.

I am a stickler about my diet, my personal hygiene and my exercise. No matter what happens, I put myself first. I eat healthy foods and take time to prep during the middle of the busiest work day. I stop and go to the gym, no matter whether I finish that project or need to delay to the following morning. I do a weekly home spa treatment to give myself some much-needed me time.

Tip #4 – Watch TV before you go to bed.

This goes against just about every productivity expert’s advice. But, my one hour of watching TV before bed is one of the best ways for me to calm myself down from a hectic day of working and momming. It ensures I stop working at a reasonable hour. I don’t miss it. It’s scheduled on my calendar.

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Your career and motherhood goals for 2017?

My career goals for 2017 are to launch a systemized Done For You Services program geared towards helping SMBs manage and grow their social media following and create a corresponding online course for those SMBs who would rather DIY.
My motherhood goal for 2017 is to start saying “yes” to my kids when they ask to play during the day. I recently read Shonda Rhimes’ book, Year of Yes, which inspired me to stop making excuses to my kids why I’m too busy to play with them. Working full-time is no excuse.

Mindi is a social media pro and total rockstar mama. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook to learn more about what Mindi does.

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  1. You definitely have to get creative with time management when you work at home. I’ve been working remotely since 2007, with 2 children and 4 pets, and I sometimes amaze myself with the things I’m able to get done.