How This Mom Works From Home as a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are becoming the top work at home online job because they cover such a wide area. Every business would benefit from a virtual assistant, and a virtual assistant can choose what they specialize in. There are virtual assistants that only specialize in Pinterest marketing and others that help their clients with a myriad of tasks.

If you know you want to make money from home, but you are still unsure where to start, I strongly suggest starting your research in making money as a virtual assistant. Today, I am chatting with my mama friend, Allie Williams, on how she runs her successful VA business.

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How did you get started as a VA?

First of all, I would NEVER have even known this world exists… except that all within 24 hours, my husband totaled our car, broke 5 ribs, crushed a lung, and cracked his pelvis, and I gave birth to our baby girl (now 2 years old!!). Suddenly, we were left without income, transportation, and stability. What on earth were we to do?! A friend thankfully introduced me to freelancing/virtual assistance and the rest is HISTORY.

I began my time as a VA as a contractor for Nerdy Girl. They’re a company that contracts out to virtual assistants and freelancers to get a variety of tasks done: copy, graphic design, admin tasks, etc. My first big task was helping a gentleman write a book! As exciting as it was to have gotten my position there, I hated the “vying for tasks” aspect of it. We were all in a Slack group and had to kind of fight over tasks or be the first to respond. Because I’m not all about constantly having my phone sending notifications (and I wasn’t about to spend ALL DAY in the Slack group), I rarely had first dibs on a task unless someone came to me first. Also, living in Alaska makes it hard to get first dibs on anything unless you’re up at 4 a.m.!

What do your duties as a VA include?

I’m a multi-talented and skilled virtual assistant, meaning that I do more than just admin tasks. I manage social media, design graphics, create websites, and essentially take on whatever tasks my clients need me to. I LOVE learning, so if there is an obstacle in my way that requires learning, I will do it. Being as helpful as possible to my clients is my passion.

How do you find time to work your VA business with your other work and mama duties?

Thankfully, because of both my success with my business and my daughter’s outgoing nature, we found a friend who watches our daughter Tuesday through Thursday each week. She also spends whatever time she can with her grandparents. However, when she’s home, I tend to work during nap time so that when she’s awake, we can play, read, and learn together.

I’ve found that I can also find some time to work here and there if I stand in the kitchen with the laptop on the counter while the baby plays. That way, I can quickly step over to where she is, and she can’t destroy my laptop if she wants my attention.

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What advice would you give to other mamas wanting to start as a VA but have no experience or degree?

I have several pieces of advice.

  1. Get an internship with someone who is really interested in helping out new virtual assistants. There are lots of us out there! (Feel free to leave a comment if you’re looking for an internship and I can hook you up with either myself or two other trusted VAs that I can refer you to.) Due to the nature of internship, it’s not often paid work (but you might find the occasional person willing to pay you anywhere from $10/hr to $20/hr on an internship basis), but it’s SO worth the learning opportunity.
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. It’s good to decide WHAT area of virtual assistance you initially want to go into so that you can focus on that, then branch out later. Initially, I recommend new virtual assistants focus on social media, since the learning curve isn’t too steep and oftentimes, all you’re doing is copying and pasting copy and images into a scheduler. Sometimes, though, you have to curate content. That’s really easy and I cover it in my course.
  3. Speaking of courses, take a course on becoming a virtual assistant. There are tons of them out there, but I’ve created one called the VA Crash Course that is open to brand new virtual assistants looking to get started right away. We cover everything from what should be on your website to how to book your first client in Facebook groups.

If I ever decided to turn in my freelance writing cape to become a virtual assistant, Allie is the first person I would go to. Her course is a goldmine of wealth, and it is one of the most affordable VA courses out there.

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