33 Websites That Will Pay You to Write $50 or More Per Article

Feeling like you don’t know where to start in your freelance writing? Here are 33 sites that will pay you $50+ to write for them. Make sure to read each site’s description for pitching guidelines and to ensure they are still paying for submissions.

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1. Cracked

Cracked pays writers if they are “good,” but they don’t define their idea of a good writer further. This can be a fun site to write for since it covers many subjects, including pop culture and movies. Word on the street is that they pay $100 per piece.

2. Funds for Writers

Freelance submissions for Funds for Writers are preferred to be 500-600 words. Pay is $50 for original pieces and $15 for reprints.

3. TopTenz

Whether you want to write “Top Ten Things You Didn’t Know About the Monarchy,” or the “Top Ten Ways to Make Money Online,” TopTenz will pay you $50 for top ten list submitted. They can take up to three weeks to respond, but reply to every submission, even if rejected.

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4. BootsnAll

BootsnAll is an indie travel guide that pays up to $50 per feature article written.

5. Listverse

Love making lists? You can get paid $100 for your lists at Listverse. Check out their site to ensure your desired topic isn’t already covered. They answer every submission, even if it is rejected.

6. Parent.co

Share you parenting stories with Parent.co. They are looking for parenting topics covered in a fresh perspective. Make sure to read through their site and guidelines. Pay starts at $50 and goes up for longer pieces.

7. RankPay

RankPay pays freelance writers $50 for articles on SEO content marketing and social media.

8. B Michelle Pippin

B Michelle Pippin is looking for career articles if you are an expert in your field. Pay is $50-150 per piece. You must query first.

9. Make A Living Writing

Make A Living Writing pays $75-150 per article on specific writing topics.

10. Reader’s Digest

Reader’s Digest allows people to share their personal stories and get paid about $100.

11. Horse Network

Horse Network wants horse-related articles. The pay is $50 per accepted piece and $100 if your article is shared more than 1,000 times on social media.

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12. First Quarter Finance

First Quarter Finance pays $75 for longer articles (1,500+ words).

13. Carve Magazine

Carve pays $100 for fictional stories. You can submit your story for free through mail or pay $3 to submit it online.

14. A Fine Parent

Want to share a few practical parenting tips with some avid readers out there? Submit an article to A Fine Parent and they’ll pay up to $50 dollars. Note that submissions are closed for a few months.

15. The Write Life

Give tips and tricks on how to live as a freelance writer, write stories on other successful writers or even write a personal essay and get paid while at it. The Write Life pays $75 per article.

16. Sports Spectrum:

Sports Spectrum is a site that looks for sports’ fans with a Christian background interested in freelance writing. The pay is 21-cents per word.

17. AListApart

AListApart is a blog that covers web design matters. Submit an article; just don’t make it sound like a sales pitch or a press release. They pay $50 per mini-article, $100 per article, and $200 per feature.

18. WordCandy

WordPress experts can find writing gigs at WordCandy. They pay on the lower end of six cents per word, but are looking for 1,200-word articles, which comes out to $72 per article.

19. GetFlyWheel

Another site that is looking for WordPress-related articles is GetFlyWheel. They pay $50-150 per piece. What is neat about this site is that you can choose from a topic they need to write on instead of pitching a new idea.

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20. College Humor

College Humor pays up to $50 an article and is looking for funny, college/fraternity type pieces.

21. IWA Wine Blog

IWA speaks everything wine, from accessories and how to store it, this is the ideal site for wine lovers. The pay starts at $50 per article.

22. Bible Advocate Online

Bible Advocate Online pays up to $65 for articles. They have their updates theme list posted on their site.

23. Ceramics Monthly

CM editors are looking for tips and tools and techno files. The pay is .10 per word or $250 flat for techno files.

24. Great Escape

Great Escape pays $50-$75 for articles they request for the website, $100-$150 for interviews and personal stories, and $150-$200 for articles with specific income advice a reader can print and follow to earn more income.

25. Doctor of Credit

Doctor of Credit pays $50 per post and prefer posts over 600 words on financial topics.

26. Lawyerist

Lawyerist pays $0.10 per word for articles regarding ethics, law school, and law practice.

27. Money Pantry

Money Pantry pays up to $150 for articles on saving money or earning money.

28. Serious Eats

Serious Eats at Medium pays $100 per food related article.

29. The Dollar Stretcher

The Dollar Stretcher pays $0.10 per word and are looking for frugal how-to articles and interviews up to 800 words.

30. The Penny Hoarder

Write on fun ways to spend and invest money at The Penny Hoarder. An article of about 700-900 words earns you $75

31. ClarkesWorld

ClarkesWorld is for science fiction fans who are interested in writing both non-fiction and fiction pieces. Pay starts at $0.10 a word.

32. The International Freelancer

The International Freelancer is looking for blog posts. Their posts are usually 1,000 words and pay $100.

33. Upworthy

Upworthy shares “clickbait” type pieces, but pitching original content will earn you $150 per article and a possible $50 bonus for widely shared pieces.

If you are looking for the right market to break into, many of these sites are the perfect start, since they are popular and open to working with new and freelance writers.

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