5 Tips to Land More Writing Jobs on Contena

There are a few different strategies to land paid writing jobs online, and one of the easiest methods for beginner writers is to apply for job listings. There is a big problem with many online writing job boards though. You take time to craft the perfect pitch and send it to what sounds like a dream job, only to find out that job pays pennies per word.

Contena is one of the higher quality job boards that I’ve come across. My favorite feature of the site is that it tells you how much the pay is for the jobs up front. Contena helps writers streamline the job process, which allows you to spend more time writing and earning money. (more…)

How Hiring a Babysitter Tripled My Monthly Income

One of the best things I did as a work at home mom was to hire a babysitter. When my two girls were aged two and newborn, they were easy to entertain and napped several times a day. Working while they slept or when they were able to watch a show worked nicely at that age.

Fast forward another two years and getting work done with a busy toddler and inquisitive preschooler is much harder. During this season, everyone is a little bit needier and solid nap times are not guaranteed. Time to hire a babysitter. (more…)

8 Tips to Beat Writer’s Block and Boost Your Writing

If you are stuck looking at a white Word document and no motivation, then I have some tips for you to try. Since I have been freelance writing for over eight years, I have written over 2,000 (if not more) articles. When your words pay the bills, you don’t have time to mess with writer’s block. Here are my eight tips to help you get out of your writer funk.