How to Get Paid to Write for Parenting Magazines

Being a finance writer from home has been an amazing experience, but I know the niche is not for everyone. I know not everyone gets as excited about credit utilization rates as I do. That’s the beauty of freelance writing – there are so many niches and topics to write in!

I had the fun opportunity of talking with Carrie Madormo from The Healthy Work At Home Mom. Carrie is an expert parent freelance writer and has even been featured on Working Mother. She is a goldmine of knowledge for breaking into the parenting niche. (more…)

How This Mom Works From Home as a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are becoming the top work at home online job because they cover such a wide area. Every business would benefit from a virtual assistant, and a virtual assistant can choose what they specialize in. There are virtual assistants that only specialize in Pinterest marketing and others that help their clients with a myriad of tasks.

If you know you want to make money from home, but you are still unsure where to start, I strongly suggest starting your research in making money as a virtual assistant. Today, I am chatting with my mama friend, Allie Williams, on how she runs her successful VA business. (more…)

How One Mom Solved Her Wardrobe Problem and Sold Over 4,500 eBooks

Mamapreneur | Outfit Inspo | Capsule Wardrobe

I have a confession to make. I recently bought three black shirts and two pairs of jeans with the idea that I was going to be the next Steve Jobs as far as fashion goes. I just wanted to wear the same thing in order to minimize the stress and time it takes to get dressed each morning.

The problem is that black shirts and jeans every day is boring. I’m not a fashionista, but I love my florals. The other problem was Pinterest. All of my pinned outfit ideas were supposed to make life easier, but every time I would try to hunt down the pieces for an outfit, it would either be out of stock or way out of budget.

If you are in the same boat of wanting to spend less time and money on looking great, let me introduce you to this week’s mama profile – Leanne Blackmon. (more…)

How One Mom Works From Home as a Social Media Strategist

Social media used to be the platforms that you could rant about work and stalk your ex. Now, social media is what can make or break a business. Companies have no choice but to embrace social media if they want to remain successful.

Many remote workers have taken advantage of social media and have even created jobs in social media management. Mindi Rosser is a social media marketing consultant and rocks her job from home while taking care of her kids. (more…)

How to Become a Mom Inventor

Mama Profile with Michelle Gast

Everyday problems are necessary for ingenious inventions. There are some people who look at life’s minor problems as an inconvenience, and other people who see these problems as an opportunity. Michelle Gast, mama of two and founder of BEAUTILITY and the inventor of the Recoup BEAUTISCOOP, a flexible scoop that helps you save every drop of make-up and beauty product. (more…)