Meal Planning Hacks to Save Time and Money

I think working at home is wonderful, and you can know how to rock your job, but if you don’t know how to rock your home, then things get a little cray cray. It’s kind of like when you want to lose weight.  You might excel at working out, but if you don’t eat healthier, you might not see the results that you want.

I want to help you manage and streamline your home efficiently so that you can have more time to make memories with your family, more time to do meaningful work, and more time to spend on your passions. (more…)

8 Tips to Beat Writer’s Block and Boost Your Writing

If you are stuck looking at a white Word document and no motivation, then I have some tips for you to try. Since I have been freelance writing for over eight years, I have written over 2,000 (if not more) articles. When your words pay the bills, you don’t have time to mess with writer’s block. Here are my eight tips to help you get out of your writer funk.

How to Stop Binge-Watching and Get Stuff Done

Your Secret to More Productive Time

A Netflix binge is all fun and games until you realize that several hours have passed and a funky smell is radiating from your shirt.

If you regularly binge-watch Netflix or another streaming video service like Amazon or Hulu, you are no alone. Over 61% of Americans admit to binge watching shows regularly, and most don’t see a problem with it. (more…)

The 20 Best Tips for Work at Home Moms

The picture of work at home moms is a beautiful one. You might imagine that you type out perfect articles while your sweet toddler snuggles quietly on your lap, or perhaps you envision waking up extra early to conquer your business tasks for the day before your kids and husband are even up. (more…)

Audiobook Hacks to Boost Productivity and Expertise

Audiobooks are a lifesaver for those who want to read and gain experience but do not have much time. I have been listening to audiobooks regularly for over six years, and it is one of the most productive things I do. Here are my top audiobook hacks to save money, read more, and gain knowledge quickly.