Finding Your Writer’s Flow Faster

How to Write More in Less Time

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The secret to writer’s productivity is to find your flow quickly and stay there for as long as possible. The flow I am talking about is that moment where the words just flow and time passes without you even noticing.

Here are a few ways to help you get in the flow and boost your writing productivity. Finding your writer’s flow will help you write more in less time. (more…)

How to Make $1000+ From Flipping Used Items

Right now, our garage is full of strollers and car seats. This isn’t because we are going to adopt five more children, but instead, we have been flipping baby items for profit. We recently scored several brand new strollers and car seats at a local auction and have them listed at 100-200% more than what we paid for them. Most recently, we made $200 profit off a stroller find.

My husband and I have been reselling items for a profit for several years now. It is the perfect side business to do when you don’t have a lot of extra time, experience or money. Let me jump in with my story and give you some tips on how to start bringing in money through reselling. (more…)

How One Mom Works From Home as a Social Media Strategist

Social media used to be the platforms that you could rant about work and stalk your ex. Now, social media is what can make or break a business. Companies have no choice but to embrace social media if they want to remain successful.

Many remote workers have taken advantage of social media and have even created jobs in social media management. Mindi Rosser is a social media marketing consultant and rocks her job from home while taking care of her kids. (more…)

How This Work At Home Mom Made $6,782.70 in Side Hustles

January and February 2017 Income Reports

December was one of my higher earning months, and while I had planned to take the month off, I ended up squeezing in client projects amongst Christmas activities, family living with us for a week, and hosting Christmas breakfast for my family and dinner for my husband’s 30+ family members. (more…)

How to Become a Mom Inventor

Mama Profile with Michelle Gast

Everyday problems are necessary for ingenious inventions. There are some people who look at life’s minor problems as an inconvenience, and other people who see these problems as an opportunity. Michelle Gast, mama of two and founder of BEAUTILITY and the inventor of the Recoup BEAUTISCOOP, a flexible scoop that helps you save every drop of make-up and beauty product. (more…)