House Painting Trends To Follow And The Cost Of Hiring A Professional Painter In Charleston


House painting has become increasingly popular over the years. It not only helps boost curb appeal and property value if you are trying to sell your house but also provides one of the most effective ways to enhance the look of a house and boost the mood of the inhabitants.

Located in the southeastern part of South Carolina, Charleston comprises a unique mix of rich cultural heritage and a vibrant influx of innovation. Charleston is the largest city in South Carolina and harbors some of the most popular tourist attractions in the United States.

You will find rows of brightly colored houses and cobblestone streets snaking their way around the place. Therefore, if you are considering house painting Charleston SC, it is always recommended to go for a unique color palette or painting patterns to help you stand apart in your colorful neighborhood.

Here is a list of popular house painting trends to make your work easier.

House Painting Trends To Follow

  1. Opt for darker colors like navy shades and dark greens to add a rich factor to your house. However, choose the darker shades only for rooms that have high ceilings and allow an influx of natural lighting, as otherwise can make the room feel stuffy. Also, keep the ceiling white if you are going for dark walls.
  2. Playing with contrasts is one of the most popular methods to make your house painting interesting. If you are going for one color, it is not uncommon to observe your room feeling bland even after decorating it correctly. You can opt for contrasting trim instead. This will help in balancing the colors and break the monotony.
  3. Accent walls have been quite the popular house painting trend. Instead of using simple wallpapers, try unique patterns, murals, textures, and wild wallpapers. It can also be simple and minimalistic, but it helps add a personality to the room.
  4. If choosing a bright exterior paint is not your style, go for painted front doors for that pop of color. Imagine a bright orange door on a soothingly white exterior. You can go bold with salmon or lemon yellow or stick with the classics, navy or burgundy.
  5. Monochrome house painting has been trendy this year. This trend helps make spaces appear big and airy and provides a calm and soothing aesthetic. But if you are going for the monochrome trend, do not forget to add some pop of color here and there; otherwise, it can dull the room.
  6. You can also opt for a statement ceiling, colored kitchen cabinets, or customized paint tints. These little alterations help in adding character to your home and make you feel more welcoming at the end of the day.

How Much Does Professional Painting Cost?

Charleston is famous for its vintage charm, quality restaurants, and natural beauty. No wonder tourists fall for the vibrant culture of the place. The place’s rich heritage and welcoming attitude of the people have also been one of the primary reasons for the place’s observed rise in property sales over the past few years.

House painting in Charleston, SC, can range between $2900- $7000 for a 2500 sq. feet house. While painting companies prepare an estimate beforehand, certain factors can affect the final cost, especially during peak tourist seasons in Charleston, SC. The prices can vary depending upon the requirement of paint for the project, whether the project requires minimal preparation or whether there are any architectural details to work with. Prices can even drop when standard paint is used or the house is located in the lower-cost locality of Charleston, SC. However, when you hire a reputable painting company, you can rest assured that the price charged will be fair and the services will be of high quality.

Bottom Line

Hiring the correct professional painting services is essential to ensure you receive the desired end product. Choose the painting services that cater best to your needs. Also, remember to prepare your house prior to painting. Remove furniture from the areas you wish to paint. Clean and repair any flaws before the painting starts, and always have an extra area for pouring and storing paints to aid the painters. To discover more about the advantages of hiring professional painters, visit this website:

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