President Putin Is Losing Information War In Ukraine, British Intelligence Chief


Both countries are employing their cyber capabilities in the conflict in Ukraine, according to an essay written by the chief of GCHQ and published in The Economist. The head of intelligence has stated that Russian President Putin is losing the information war that is taking place between Ukraine and the West. He stated that even though this is a happy affair, we should not underestimate the disinformation effort that Russia has undertaken in the rest of the globe. According to a member of the British intelligence community, just as Russia’s strategy to gain control of Ukraine was unsuccessful, so too are its plans for conducting warfare online. He claimed that Russia’s agenda included the dissemination of disinformation online, but that GCHQ had uncovered this tactic and had already issued a warning about it. In addition, he mentioned that the United Kingdom’s National Cyber Force might get involved in a cyberwar against Russia.

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