Land Your First Writing Gig

I have been a stay at home mom for almost five years, and before that, I was a stay at home wife. I have loved staying home and spending the most time possible with my loved ones. Many mamas have told me, “I wish I could stay home,” while they drag themselves away from their beautiful families to work a job they hate.

Here’s my secret. I make money at home through freelance writing. I have been doing this for over eight years and now make anywhere from $4,000 to $6,000 a month – all part-time. It has taken me several years to get to this point, but only because I didn’t know what I do now.

My strong desire is to teach other moms how to pursue a career in freelance writing and return home to their families. Perhaps you need to replace your income or maybe you just want a little fun money. Whatever your financial needs, freelance writing can help.

Sign up for this free 7-day course and follow the steps to land your first writing gig. I know you can get a client this week if you really take my advice and tips to heart.