How One Mom Solved Her Wardrobe Problem And Sold Over 4,500 Ebooks


I have a confession to make. I recently bought three black shirts and two pairs of jeans with the idea that I was going to be the next Steve Jobs as far as fashion goes. I just wanted to wear the same thing in order to minimize the stress and time it takes to get dressed each morning.

The problem is that black shirts and jeans every day is boring. I’m not a fashionista, but I love my florals. The other problem was Pinterest. All of my pinned outfit ideas were supposed to make life easier, but every time I would try to hunt down the pieces for an outfit, it would either be out of stock or way out of budget.

Adding a Capsule Wardrobe to Your Life

Leanne is a full-time as an accounting controller and financial manager, so daily yoga pants are not an option. “Just a few years ago, my closet was full of clothes that didn’t completely coordinate with one another. I had so many clothes in my closet, that I didn’t know what all I had,” she says. “I dreaded getting dressed every day, as it would take me a long time just to find an outfit to wear.”

Not only was Leanne wasting time in the closet, but she was also wasting time and money shopping. “On top of that, I had a shopping problem. I would buy clothes not thinking if they would match anything in my closet; I would buy clothes just because I liked the pattern or that I thought it was pretty,” she says. “I would also shop to pass the time or because I was stressed. All that shopping made my credit card balance stay high.”

Leanne then discovered the idea of a capsule wardrobe from an online article. She gave the idea a try, and it took a few seasons of trial and error to get it right. After she discovered what works well in her closet, she decided to share that knowledge with others through a blog and capsule wardrobe eBooks. She says, “I’ve always loved clothes, so this is a way to share my passion for style and for helping others to look great, have many outfit possibilities and to have confidence every day by looking their best!”

Saving Money and Starting a New Business

Leanne’s capsule wardrobe approach saved her money and decluttered her closets. She used to spend $1,000 to 2,000 on clothes a year, but having a capsule wardrobe means she only has to purchase a few pieces a year.

What I love even more is that through the process of solving her own wardrobe problem she found a successful business idea. Many times, as a mompreneur, we spend so much time trying to figure out the right side business to make money that we don’t realize that the right business for us is right under our noses. To find out more about how I may launch a business without suffering financial loss, visit this website:

Leanne created a blog in 2014 and her first capsule wardrobe eBook in 2015 after she realized how helpful the idea was to her. When that book sold over 400 copies, she expanded her blog into a full website and created more eBooks for each season and stage of life. As of 2017, she has sold over 4,500 eBooks and has over 303,000 views on her site each month!

Leanne was able to be successful without leaving her full-time job or neglecting her family. “I value family time, so they come first,” she says. “I spend a few hours a week working on my blog and writing e-books. It takes dedication and some work, but it pays off by earning an extra income and connecting with others around the world!”

Leanne’s Advice for Other Mompreneurs

“If you have a hobby that you love, you can start a blog and share your passion with the world,” says Leanne. “Get on Pinterest and learn as much as you can about blogging and earning money from it. Don’t be afraid to try something to see if it works.”

I love that Leanne encourages others not to be afraid to try something. Don’t get stuck in your own mind. Try it out and go from there. “If it works, go with it and expand on it. The most successful blog posts of mine are ones that ‘solve a problem,’” she says. “Whether you love to cook, love clothes or you like to decorate, you can turn your passion into a blog and possibly earn an income!”

If you are tired of getting the wardrobe struggle or wasting money on clothes, then Leanne’s eBooks are a must. My favorite capsule wardrobes for this Spring are her stay-at-home mom book and spring essentials book. She tells you which 26 core pieces to buy and provides you with 100 outfit ideas. And bonus, she tells you how to do it on a budget.

Stay tuned because I will be making over my closet and wardrobe with the help of Leanne’s eBook soon. I will be showing you before and afters of my closet (prepare your heart), the cost run down for the wardrobe change and my favorite outfits.

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