50 Work At Home Jobs For Every Personality Type


Yes, you can have the best of both worlds—working from home and seeing your family more. While work at home jobs will look a little different for everyone, depending on the company and job title, here is a rundown of 50 WAHM jobs to consider. If one pops out to you, research it more, and see if it would be a good fit for you and your family.

  1. Accountant: Remote accountants are becoming increasingly popular. Many of them are “freelance accountants” so you can choose your schedule. Get started here to see if this would be best for you.
  2. Academic Advisor: Many schools are now looking for remote academic advisors to counsel people in their educational needs. If you enjoy counseling, this could be for you.
  3. Accounts Payable Specialist: This job involves lots of computer work and little phone conversation. Help companies work on payouts to other companies.
  4. Accounts Receivable Specialist: Help a company collect the money they are owed by choosing this job. Due to the computer work, many of these jobs are now remote.
  5. Ad Manager: With so many jobs being online now, many companies need someone to run their ads on places like Facebook and Google. Take some classes for cheap on sites like Udemy to get started.
  6. Affiliate Manager: An affiliate manager runs someone’s affiliate program. An affiliate manager can answer questions about the affiliate program, process applications for the program, and sometimes recruit people to become affiliate marketers.
  7. Affiliate Marketer: Imagine using a product, telling your friends about it, and making money if they purchase it? That is affiliate marketing.
  8. Artist: This one is a little self-explanatory but often overlooked. You can sell your art to businesses that need it, or on platforms such as Etsy.
  9. Author: There will never be enough books in this world. You can go the traditional route of finding a publisher or self-publish a book on Amazon. Don’t miss my run down on how I became a children’s book author.
  10. Author Assistant: Make some money without having to write a book yourself or do this job on the side as you’re writing a book to make money in the meantime.
  11. Baby Planner: When you were a new mom, did you ever wish for a personal consultant for everything baby? Well, those exist, and you can get paid to guide someone else through the process of parenthood.
  12. Baby Product Renter: If you have some baby products that you are not ready to let go of yet, save them and rent them out to people. I actually got to interview a mama who made about $600 a month doing this.
  13. Baker: Every mom is looking for that Pinterest-perfect cake for their child’s next birthday party. Open a baking business and start being the go-to mom for cakes in your community!
  14. Bookkeeper: Help a business record their day-to-day financial transactions and get paid for it. Every business needs to track this, you could be the person they are looking for.
  15. Business Coach: There are millions of people who own their own small businesses. Help guide them in the right direction by becoming a business coach.
  16. Business Development Manager: This is a person in a company that works solely on how to build a business. The best way to get this job without a high degree is to start networking with online businesses and build connections.
  17. Business Plan Creator: If you have a knack for brainstorming, you probably had no idea you could turn it into a job. For businesses, having an outside opinion can be a huge help.
  18. Call Center Support: There are various call center jobs out there that need remote support, either as back-up or full-time.
  19. Career Coach: Are you a good mentor? Help those unsure of their next career move by becoming a career coach.
  20. Certified Fashion Consultant: Get certified in this and you can live your dream of guiding others in fashion and get paid!
  21. Client Account Manager: Help manage the accounts a company is connected to from the comfort of your home with this job.
  22. Client Services Director: A client services director works specifically on a business’ relationships with its clients. The goal is to develop and maintain happy clients. If you are a people person, this is for you.
  23. Copywriter: Are you good at convincing people to buy products or services? Most ads are written by a copywriter who has a writing focus on selling a product or a service.
  24. Course Creator: Do you have something that you would love to teach others about? Create a course using Teachable and make money from the profits.
  25. Craft Seller: Use eBay or Etsy to sell products you can make in your home.
  26. Customer Service Representative: More companies are realizing the benefits of hiring remote representatives. If you have good people skills and can stay calm when people get angry, this is the job for you.
  27. Data Entry Specialist: Maybe not the most exciting job, but if you are quick on a computer this is an easy way to make money.
  28. Daycare Owner: If you have kids of your own, you could make money watching other children as well. Check state and/or country laws before pursuing this opportunity.
  29. Diaper Cake Designer: A diaper cake is a beautiful display at a shower. Look up some YouTube videos to learn how to make a diaper cake, and could turn it into a business.
  30. Drone Flyer: This is as awesome of a job as it sounds. Make a small investment of a drone and make the money back by selling drone videos to businesses. Real estate businesses are depending on drone footage for their house listings. You can also offer your services to car dealerships and schools.
  31. Editor: Do you have an eye for grammatical errors? Freelance editors are on the rise, especially with an increase in self-publishing authors.
  32. ESL Teacher: Teach English online and make a valuable side income. Some companies require a teaching degree, but not all do.
  33. Event Planner: Get certified as an event planner and spend your working hours planning fun events for others!
  34. Facebook Manager: Ask some Facebook groups to see if they need help managing their Facebook group and/or page. You never know who will gladly take you up on the offer.
  35. Fashion Social Media Influencer: Show off your style on social media and get paid to do it. And fashion doesn’t just mean size 2 luxury brands. You can hone in your fashion niche for almost anything – plus size, tall, short, postpartum, maternity, kid, etc.
  36. Finance Blogger: Out of all types of blogs, finance blogs are known to make the most money. Show off what you know or do research and then blog about what you have learned.
  37. Financial Coach: Sometimes individuals or partners need some basic coaching to get their finances back in order. You can get certified online and you can coach online as well.
  38. Finance Manager: Take part in managing all finances relating to a business. With small businesses booming, this could be an open door of opportunity.
  39. Fortune Cookie Writer: Yes, this is a real thing. You can advertise yourself as a fortune cookie writer on places like Fiverr and start freelancing today.
  40. Freelance Writer: I have been a freelance writer for over 10 years, and I now make between $4,000-$6,000 a month doing so less than part-time. The world is your oyster on what you want to freelance write about. Land your first writing gig here to get started.
  41. Game Designer: You can apply to work remotely with large companies or go freelance to design games.
  42. Genealogy Researcher: Sometimes you can only get so far on ancestry.com. If you love history and research, offer services of helping people discover their roots with this job.
  43. Ghostwriter: Many articles you read online are written by ghostwriters or those who take on the persona of the author and write for them.
  44. Gift Basket Maker: People often look for gift baskets for very specific occasions. Open a gift basket making business and fill those needs.
  45. Guide Writer: com is always looking for guide writers to write how to do different tasks. Scroll to the bottom of their website for more information.
  46. Grant Writer: Many small nonprofits cannot afford a full-time grant writer, so they will hire freelance grant writers.
  47. Graphic Designer: Many companies that hire freelance graphic designers don’t even require you to hold a degree. Do a few free designs to build a portfolio and you can get started.
  48. Greeting Card Writer: According to the Greeting Card Association (yes, there is such a thing), there are over 3,000 publishers of greeting cards, so the possibilities are endless.
  49. Horoscope Writer: Many small-town newspapers and other places are looking for horoscope writers. By creating a profile on places like Upwork, you could be the one writing those horoscopes in no time.
  50. Insurance Advisor: Jump into the world of insurance and help people find insurance that is best for them.

Still haven’t found that perfect work from home position? I have 50 more work at home jobs coming for you next week.

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